Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Reading Room: PHANTOM LADY "Beauty and the Brain"

We begin presenting the COMPLETE Fox/Farrell Phantom Lady with this torrid tale from #13, which is her first issue. (Before this, the comic was titled WottaLife and featured funny animals.)
The art was by the incomparable Matt Baker, perhaps the premier "good girl" artist of the Golden Age.
As we mentioned at the top of this entry, we'll be presenting the complete run of stories including her All-Top Comics appearances.
PLUS: while we're not going to do most of the Quality Comics appearances (in the yellow and green ensemble), we will be doing the multi-issue crossover with Spider Widow which ran in both Police Comics and Feature Comics in a one-week daily presentation.

featuring goodies emblazoned with the cover art from this issue of Phantom Lady.

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  1. Wow! Baker Phantom Lady! It doesn't get better than this!