Monday, December 4, 2023

Russkie-Smashers LIBERTY BELLE "Freedom's Star"

The Russkies continued to be a threat into the 1970s and early 1980s... this never-reprinted tale from Charlton's E-Man V1N5 (1974) so aptly demonstrates!
Apparently, the audience interest wasn't there, since the concluding chapter never appeared!.
Note: I, in fact, did write in, but I may have well been the only one!
The script, besides dealing with Commies, also goes into Women's Lib, which was in its' heyday.
The character has reappeared recently, without any mention of what happened on the space station!
And, before you ask, the Golden Age DC character, also named Liberty Belle, hadn't appeared since 1947, except in a 1972 reprint, so the name/trademark was available at the time.
DC's character would reappear in new stories in 1981 and her daughter, also called Liberty Belle, would debut in 2006, sometimes working alongside her mother!
Both still appear in DC books to this day.

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Monday, November 27, 2023

Russkie-Smashers BLACKHAWK "Hitler's Daughter"

You read the title and muttered "What the f@#c does this have to do with Russkies???
Well, it does have a lot to do with Russkies, as you'll see as you read this never-reprinted tale!
World War II had ended only a decade earlier when this tale appeared in Quality's Blackhawk #97 (1956), and, if anybody did the math, Hitla (who appears to be in her mid-20s) would have been born around 1930-32...when Hitler wasn't married, but he was involved with Eva Braun...who was never pregnant!
Curiously, at that time in real life, Adolf's half-sister, Angela Raubal, and her 21 year-old daughter Geli, moved into Hitler's home.
Hitler's relationship towards Geli, while initially kindly, eventually bordered on the obsessive, fueling rumors that they were romantically linked...which Hitler denied.
In late 1931, Geli was found dead at Hitler's flat in Munich.
Verdict: suicide.
Did writer Joe Millard know about this, and could he have used it as a cover story for the imposter daughter in this Dick Dillin-penciled and Chuck Cuidera-inked story?
We'll never know!

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Monday, November 20, 2023

Russkie-Smashers BLACKHAWK "Doom in the Deep"

When you fail at killing just one Blackhawk (as seen last week)...
...try to kill all of them in one fell swoop!
Like last week's tale, this never-reprinted story by writer Joe Millard, penciler Dick Dillin, and inker Chuck Cuidera is from Quality's Blackhawk #96 (1956) features Russkies getting their butts kicked again by the Dark Knights!

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Monday, November 13, 2023

Russkie-Smashers BLACKHAWK "Case of the Missing Blackhawk"

Easily the busiest Russkie-Smashers of the 1950s were the "Dark Knights"...
...who were using that phrase long before The Batman co-opted it in the 1970s!
They would fill entire issues, like the never-reprinted Blackhawk #96 (1956) from Quality with nothing but Commie-crushing comics tales like this!
You didn't think Andre was really dead, did you?
And why was he wearing that leather Blackhawk uniform under a business suit?
Written by Joe Millard, penciled by Dick Dillin, and inked by Chuck were all the Russkie-smashing stories in this you'll see over the next two weeks!

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Monday, November 6, 2023

Russkie Smashers ATOMIC SPY CASES "Operation H.M."

Think we're paranoid about an (unnamed, but obvious) enemy discovering our atomic secrets?
Look at how nutso we were back in the 1950s!
(BTW, the "Based on TRUE Stories" caption is a total lie!)
The lead story from this Avon Comics 1950 one-shot with a Norman (Mars Attacks) Saunders cover exemplifies the "commies under the bed" paranoia of the era! 
With imperialist running dog Putin going Don da Con-level bonkers in Ukraine, perhaps it was, in fact, justified!
Regrettably, neither the writer nor artist(s) are known.