Monday, May 13, 2024


...once more with Spurs Jackson and His Space Vigilantes battling Commies...piloting a flying saucer!
(Hey it was the 1950s!)
Sadly, the Russkies didn't even salvage a crashed alien ship and retro-engineered it's tech.
It's just a disguised Flying Wing...which both we and they were working on at the time.
(We were also working on our own flying saucers, but don't tell the Russkies!)
Art was by John Belfi, with a script by Walter (The Shadow) Gibson!.

Monday, May 6, 2024

Russkie-Smashers PLASTIC MAN "Monster of Flame"

He's not creator Jack Cole's wacko version of the Ductile Detective...

...but he is the Russkie-Smasher Quality Comics' editors thought we wanted in the 1950s!

Written by Joe Millard and illustrated by Al Luster, this tale from Quality's Plastic Man #43 (1953) was typical for the era, emphasizing Commies and monsters over the surreal humor Jack Cole had embedded into the series' concept!
BTW, when the story was reprinted only a couple of years later in Quality's Plastic Man #60 (1956), the newly-created Comics Code Authority insisted on a title change... well as minor alterations in a couple of panels renaming the FBI the "NBI" and cutting back on violence and name-calling!

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Monday, April 29, 2024

Russkie-Smashers DANGER "Duke Douglas in 'Kill! Kill! Kill!' "

He's the Snazzy Spy we Introduced HERE...

...and now he's returned to rescue a woman from the confines of the Kremlin and...are you ready for this...kill Stalin! 
Whatta guy!
Scripted by Duke's co-creator Ken Fitch and illustrated by Pete Morisi, this never-reprinted tale from Comic Media's Danger #8 (1954) takes a recent historical fact and offers a far different explanation for it!
For the record, according to Marvel, the original Human Torch french-fried Hitler...
...who with his dying breath made sure history would report he commited suicide in Atlas' Young Men #24 (1953).
AFAIK, no comic character has been given credit for killing Benito Mussolini!

Monday, April 22, 2024

WEREWOLF: The Silver-Age SuperHero Who Battled ONLY Russkies and Chi-Coms!

He's the "SuperHero with The Easiest to Draw Costume in Comics History"...

...and, during his three-issue run, he fought only Communists!
Russkies once!
Chinese twice!
To learn about this all-but forgotten crusader against Communism, here's the links to his adventures which we previously presented!
Note: There are links at the end of each issue's entry to the next chapter!

Issue #1
Issue #2

Issue #3
Trivia: Though his fellow monster/heroes Dracula and Frankenstein were reprinted in the early 1970s when the revision of the Comics Code allowed mainstream four-color comics to use "traditional monsters" again, Werewolf wasn't included in the revival!
Well, what are ya waiting for?
Are You a

Monday, April 15, 2024

Russkie-Smashers BLACKHAWK "Red Timetable of Treachery"

Russkies and other Commies were everywhere in the 1950s...
...including the Near East, as shown in this never-reprinted story from Quality's Blackhawk #107 (1956)...the final, but not truly final, issue!
DC didn't miss a month when it bought the rights to Blackhawk from Quality Comics, which was closing their business.
Quality's final issue, #107, was published in December, 1956!
DC's premiere issue, #108 rolled off the presses one month later, January, 1957 with material already prepared for publication by Quality as shown HERE!
BTW, Quality also featured Russkies in other Near East countries like Iran...

But, that's not all!
There's also this sanitized-for-your-protection, Comics Code-modified reprint from Quality's T-Man #31 (1956), which waters down all the kool hard-boiled elements from the original tale...and makes the Russkies into generic "Communists"!
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