Friday, December 9, 2011


Police Comics #21
To that, we would add that the two heroines and a hero saved the life of Phantom Lady's father, Senator Knight!
Amazing, these crooks are yards away from the dueling damsels, yet they recognize Phantom Lady as Sandra Knight!
Her boyfriend in the Fox issues, Don, is even dumber than I thought!
Then the story continued in Spider Widow's home, Feature Comics...
Feature Comics #70
Scripter/artist Frank Borth was one of the under-appreciated craftsmen of the era.
He produced almost 100 stories, but never hit the "big time" with a major character or title.
Even his work on Phantom Lady is overshadowed by Matt Baker's more cheesecakey art on the later Fox version!
Be here next week for the final two chapters and a couple of surprises!
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  1. 'Boy, that Raven knows how to handle the women!'

    Blimey ...

    I love that Sandra and Dianne knew they were in oomic books. I wonder if they fretted about falling off the page?

    You're so right, Frank Borth deserves to be better known.