Friday, December 2, 2011


SuperHERO team-ups were rare in the Golden Age.
SuperHEROINE team-ups were rarer!
And multi-issue cross-over team-ups were practically non-existent!
Police Comics #20
You'll note a couple of differences from the Phantom Lady you're used to seeing on this blog including a differently-colored costume, a mask, no black-light ray, and no Matt Baker art!
That's because this is the earlier Quality Comics version of the character, before she began her run at Fox in All Top Comics and her own title!
Just go with the flow, and all will be made clear...
Feature Comics #69
Beginning in Phantom Lady's strip Police Comics #20 and carrying over to Spider Widow's series in  Feature Comics #69 (both cover-dated July, 1943), Frank Borth (who wrote and drew both strips at the time) tried something a little different, tying the two series together for three months with an ongoing plotline!
Personally, I enjoy the "breaking the 4th wall bits" including mentioning that they're actually in comic books and referencing other characters like Blackhawk!
Be here next week for Part 2 (of 3).
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