Friday, December 16, 2011

Reading Room: PHANTOM LADY & SPIDER WIDOW Conclusion

Feature Comics #71
The Spider Widow and Phantom Lady, brought together to battle a menace threatening PL's father, US Senator Knight, have also developed a rivalry for the affections of The Raven.
Note: the order is changed this month as the Spider Widow tale comes first in story continuity.
Also, even though most sources list this as a Frank Borth job, it's not signed, as most of his work is, and the art style is a
So while Borth probably wrote and penciled the story, he probably didn't ink it.
Now for the Phantom Lady installment...
Police Comics #22
The art here seems to be a combination of Frank Borth and Phantom Lady creator Arthur Peddy.
Both Spider Widow and Phantom Lady would make one more appearance in their respective series before being canceled.
While Phantom Lady was revived and revised at Fox Publishing, the Spider Widow hasn't appeared in a new story since.
We hope you enjoyed this look at the first version of Phantom Lady, and we'll be returning to the Fox Phantom Lady series in January, 2012...
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