Friday, May 20, 2011

FLASH GORDON by Jeff Jones

Jeffrey Catherine Jones
Jeffrey was a serious Alex Raymond/Flash Gordon fan, so this work in Flash Gordon #13 (1969), while a bit rough, showed enormous love and enthusiasm for the character.
Written by Bill Pearson. Penciled and inked by Jeff Jones (as she was known then).
Recently reprinted, for the first time, in Dark Horse's Flash Gordon Archives Vol 3.


  1. Wow! Another wonderful post! Jeff Jones early work is a little more accessible to us comic guys because it was before he got all artsy and incomprehensible like he did in "I'm Age".
    Thanks Britt!

  2. One of my very first Flash Gordon experiences. It's an offbeat story. The backgrounds are misty and vague, but it gives the whole story a timeless quality, something Jones did exceptionally well.

    Rip Off

  3. My first impression when I saw the art was that Jones was trying to do in pen-and-ink what Frazetta did in paints.
    Too bad we'll probably never know who did the coloring...