Monday, June 5, 2023

Russkie Smashers INDIANA JONES "Trail of the Golden Guns" Chapter 1A

...and while Indy did battle Russkies in Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, we thought we'd present his other Russkie-smashing adventure!
Don't worry!
The Russkies will be here soon enough!
To Be Continued...
Next Monday!

And not just one, but two factions!
Plotted by Ron Fortier, scripted by David Micheline, penciled by Steve Ditko, and inked by Danny Bulanadi, this first part of a two-part tale from Marvel's Further Adventures of Indiana Jones #26 (1985) isn't officially "canon", but it is nice to see Short Round again in a tale obviously set after Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom...
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