Wednesday, August 30, 2017

PLASTIC MAN "Plastic Man's Fantastic Old Man" Part 1

...but this never-reprinted tale is the real deal, we pinky-swear it!
When DC bought the Quality Comics line in the mid-1950s, they kept four titles going...Blackhawk, G.I. Combat, Heart Throbs, and Robin Hood Tales.
The rest of the titles (and characters) were held in abeyance, and apparently forgotten about.
(I'm not sure if editor Julie Schwartz even remembered DC had the rights to Plastic Man when the Elongated Man was created in The Flash, then given his own strip in Detective Comics!)
When Plas was revived in 1966, many fans were disappointed that he wasn't Jack Cole's Golden Age version with sidekick Woozy Winks.
This tale by writer Arnold Drake and artist Win Mortimer from DC's Plastic Man #7 (1967) was meant as a tie-in to that version.
You'll note the older Plas has the angular, almost lupine look of the original version.
In addition, I've taken the liberty of making an editorial alteration throughout the tale to keep the Golden Age version "on model".
If you haven't already figured out what it is, you'll discover what it is...TOMORROW!
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