Tuesday, August 8, 2017

PLASTIC MAN "Three Faces of Plastic Man" Part 1

...numerous long-time comics fans who were expecting the Golden Age version wrote in asking if this was supposed to be the same guy in a modern setting.
As it turns out...nope, he wasn't the earlier version, not by a long shot!
For one thing, though both versions could shape themselves into almost anything, the original Plas couldn't change color as this guy does, making finding him easier since his red costume and black and yellow-striped belt were dead giveaways!
Though Gil Kane had left the series after the premiere, long-time comics pro Win Mortimer took over the illustrating duties with his usual panache.
This never-reprinted tale from DC's Plastic Man V2N02 (1966) shows off his talent at humorous comics, also evident in his work on Stanley and His Monster and Fat Albert (adapting the animated TV series)!
Stanley and His Monster co-creator Arnold Drake continued his Plastic Man scripting from the previous issue.

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