Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Dracula the SuperHero "Dracula Finds His Specialty"

The final issue of Dracula's superheroic Silver Age incarnation...
This scene does not appear in the comic!
...provided a number of high points, including the only Monster SuperHero crossover...
Dracula and Fleeta didn't see any of those "more deadly" threats, since Dell's Dracula #4 (1967) was the last issue of their run!
But it wasn't their last trip to the newsstands...
After the Comics Code loosened the restraints on using horror-based characters in 1971, both Marvel and DC filled their lines with vampires, werewolves, mummies, and variations of the Frankenstein Monster.
Marvel launched Tomb of Dracula, which became a monster (pun intended) hit.
Dell was on its' last legs, and decided to "test the waters" in 1972 by reprinting the three issues of Dracula it previously-published with the intention of doing new material if it sold well.
They didn't do any better than back in '66-67, so the plans for reviving Dracula and the rest of the Monster SuperHeroes went back into the coffin, and Dell's final death rattle was less than a year later.
BTW, you can read the Frankenstein tale "Silence is Golden", referenced in this story, HERE.
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