Tuesday, August 23, 2011


After Crom the Barbarian, came ClawFang the Barbarian!
(weird how most barbarians have a "hard C" name...Conan, Crom, ClawFang, Claw, Kull, Kothar, Kyrik, etc.)
We'll never know, since this was ClawFang's only published adventure!
A cool mix of sf/fantasy genres written and laid-out by Wally Wood with pencils and inks by Al Williamson, appearing in Unearthly Spectaculars #2, part of a short-lived line of action/adventure comics produced by Harvey Comics in the mid-1960s.
Oddly, while there were numerous "jungle hero/heroine" strips and books with sci-fi/fantasy elements, Clawfang was only the second actual barbarian strip in comics history, after Crom.
Five years later, Marvel would launch Conan the Barbarian, and suddenly, an entire new genre bloomed in comics with almost every publisher launching at least one barbarian-themed comic.
But Crom and ClawFang were there first!

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