Thursday, August 18, 2011


While Conan the Barbarian had rampaged thru pulp magazines in the 1930s...
...another barbarian would be the first to slash thru comic books!
Crom was the brainchild of writer Gardner Fox and artist John Giunta.
His first story appeared in the one-shot anthology Out of this World, then was reprinted the next month in Out of This World Adventures #1, an offbeat pulp magazine/comic book hybrid combining b/w text and spot illustration sections with a color comics section.
After a second appearance in OoTWA, he moved over to the comic Strange Worlds which reprinted his second OoTWA appearance, then ran one more tale before the barbarian disappeared into the mists of history.
If the name "Gardner Fox" sounds familiar, he's best known for his extensive Golden and Silver Age superhero work including creating the Golden Age SkyMan, Sandman, Dr Fate, Starman, Kenton of the Star Patrol and Moon Girl; the Silver Age Adam Strange and Atom, both the Golden and Silver Age Flashes and Hawkmen, and conceptualizing and writing the first stories of both the Justice Society and Justice League!
He also made important contributions to Batman (utility belt, batarang, bat-gyro) and introduced the parallel-world concept of Earth-One/Earth-Two to comics in "Flash of Two Worlds" which united his Golden and Silver Age Scarlet Speedsters.
Including non-series comics stories he wrote over 4,000 stories.
Fox wrote at least one prose novel per year, sometimes under pen names covering genres from sci-fi and fantasy to romance to espionage as well as numerous short stories.
Besides scripting Crom, Fox wrote two paperback series in the 60s-70s featuring barbarian heroes; Kothar (five books) and Kyrik (four books).
In addition he did a pair of John Carter/Barsoom-style novels featuring Alan Morgan on Llarn.
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