Friday, July 1, 2011

Reading Room: LONE RANGER THE MOVIE Part 3

Part 1 appeared HERE and Part 2 appeared HERE
When Last We Left Our Heroes...
The Lone Ranger and Tonto save a man being attacked by Indians who, in fact, aren't Indians!
The attacks tie in with plans by local rancher Reece Kilgore to force the local Native Americans off their reservation so he can acquire their land, including Spirit Mountain.
Now, Kilgore is secretly shipping in a load of high explosives.
The Ranger and Tonto plan to find out...
(BTW, Part 1 appeared HERE and Part 2 appeared HERE, in our "brother" blog Secret Sanctum of Captain Video™.  You didn't miss anything.)
Art by Tom Gill and Joe Sinnott.

Have Red Hawk and his braves "gone on the warpath"?
Or is something else going on here?
Same Blog Time!
Same Blog Feed!

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