Monday, July 25, 2011

Reading Room: IMPOSSIBLE MAN "Inhuman Menace"

Sadly, we present the final tale of Hugh Mann aka The Impossible Man... he adapts to life on a world where everyone except him has super-powers!
And on that note, the recorded adventures of the original Impossible Man came to a conclusion.
Not that it was easy to find his funky fables!
All of Impossible Man's adventures were in the backs of different comics, none of which featured or even mentioned him on their covers!
This third and final tale is from Meteor Comics #1 (and only!) and it actually appeared several months before his second story, which we ran here, was published!
As we said earlier, some attribute the art to George Marcoux, who created SuperSnipe, the Kid with the Most Comic Books in America! and some say Charles "C.A." Voight, who did humor strips like Captain Milksop and Sir Prize.
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