Thursday, July 14, 2011

Reading Room: IMPOSSIBLE MAN "Electro"

As we promised...the return of Hugh Mann, the Impossible Man!
His second appearance, in the back of the 1946 one-shot Captain Wizard #1!
"Knight of Light"?
Nah, stay with "Impossible Man"!
Much cooler!
This story, chronologically the second in the series, was published almost a year after his third story was printed in Meteor Comics #1 in 1945!
Also note the first appearance of a villainous Electro.
There already was a couple of heroic Electros (in Fox's Science Comics [who was renamed Dynamo] and Timely's Marvel Mystery Comics), but both were gone by the time of this story (though the Timely Electro has reappeared in Marvel books including The Twelve).
There would be a couple of other one-shot villainous Electros after this one, a mad scientist in Shadow Comics and a communist agent in Captain America before Marvel's long-running Spider-Man foe appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #9! (The Communist Electro has since appeared in flashback tales.)
As we said earlier, some attribute the art to George Marcoux, who created SuperSnipe, the Kid with the Most Comic Books in America! and some say Charles "C.A." Voight, who did humor strips like Captain Milksop and Sir Prize.
Impossible Man will return in his final appearance...soon!

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