Monday, June 27, 2011

Possibly...the (non-Popuppian) Impossible Man!

Long before Jim Valentino created the hilarious NormalMan series, there was another, short-lived Golden Age saga, about a guy without super-powers on a world where everyone else had them...
Never heard of this guy?
The only "Impossible Man" you know is the Stan Lee/Jack Kirby Popuppian wacko from Fantastic Four?
It's understandable.
Hugh Mann: the Impossible Man, made only three appearances, each one in a different comic title, and all hidden away in the back of the book!
This was his first, in 1945's Red Band Comics #3 and #4 (the two issues have identical covers and contents, but different indicias).
As to who the creators are...some attribute the art to George Marcoux, who created SuperSnipe, the Kid with the Most Comic Books in America! and some say Charles "C.A." Voight, who did humor strips like Captain Milksop and Sir Prize.
Either way, it's a hoot!
Enjoy, and be assured that Impossible Man will return...
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