Thursday, June 30, 2011

Reading Room: PHANTOM LADY "Satan's Cargo"

Besides appearing in her own title, Phantom Lady was also featured in the anthology All-Top Comics for several issues starting with #8.
While the art is still wonderful Matt Baker "good girl" work, the script is pretty weak.
BTW, most people don't realize that PL is even in these All-Top Comics issues since Rulah: Jungle Goddess, another Matt Baker-illustrated heroine, dominated the covers!
Phantom Lady will return, next week...

featuring goodies emblazoned with cover art that Fredric Wertham railed against in Seduction of the Innocent.


  1. How in the world does her boyfriend Dick not know that Sandra is the Phantom Lady?? She wears no mask & she doesn't even change her hair-do!!! lol

  2. Jim, they're not looking at her face when she's in what little costume she wears! :-)

  3. Ha Ha Ha!!! You're so right, BrittReid. Obviously, the Phantom Lady's famous "headlights" can be very distracting, even for her dim bulb boyfriend. lol