Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Reading Room: DOC SAVAGE "Black Sun Lives" Conclusion

In 1936, Doc Savage and his aides were visited by Lucinda Lightner who asked their help in stopping dangerous experiments by her husband, Dr Raymond Lightner.
In 1976, The Thing and Human Torch were visited by Janice Lightner, who requested their help in stopping her brother, Thomas Lightner, from recreating the expriments of their late father (Raymond Lightner)!
Both groups agree.
As each team approaches their targets (The same lab in both time periods), both father and son activate their experimental devices in their respective time periods and...
It ain't often you see Ben Grimm acting like a fanboy, but since Doc was one of his childhood idols, it makes perfect sense that a guy who can lift a Mack truck and hangs out with demi-gods like Thor or Hercules can be reduced to drooling hero worship by a non-superpowered (though incredibly-intelligent and physically-perfect) normal human.
(Hey, The Batman acts the same way with The Shadow, and the Caped Crusader parties with Superman!)

Note: there's lots of currently-available Doc Savage material (pulps, comics, movies, and even radio shows), all well-worth picking up (most of them are in my personal collection), but we're be showing only the stuff not included in those volumes!

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