Monday, October 25, 2021

Heroic Halloween in Rutland PARADE & PARTICIPANTS

Here's pix of the actual parade and the cosplayers...
...a shot from the mid-1980s (the woman on the left is Silk Spectre from Watchmen, which makes it 1986 or later!)
Note the blow-ups of covers from comics which featured the Rutland Parade!
Tom Fagan, comics uber-fan and the guy who made the parade a comics legend by including superheroes in it from the mid-1960s onward!
Usually, Tom was costumed as Batman (seen here with Hela: Goddess of Death from Thor)...
...but, to match his appearance in Marvel Comics' Rutland stories, where his comic counterpart couldn't be seen as the Caped Crusader. he sometimes appeared as the "evil Batman", Nighthawk!
We hope you've enjoyed our contribution to the amazing annual
CountDown To Halloween Blogathon!
to see what other contributors have to show about various aspects of pop culture at Halloween!
BTW, if you want to see the first comic to feature the Rutland Halloween Parade, click HERE to go to our sister" RetroBlog, Heroines!

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