Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Asian Avengers BLACKHAWK "Operation White Dragon" Part 2

...during World War II, the Blackhawks are sent to Japanese-occupied China to help the Resistance against the invaders.
They encounter a costumed hero named The White Dragon who leads a band of rebels harassing the Japanese!
The team then contacts the local leader, who refuses to help them in their operations, to avoid antagonizing the Japanese, and his son, who collaborates with the occupiers!
To appease the Japanese military governor, the leader gives up the location of the White Dragon's headquarters.
When the invaders ambush and capture the hero, he's revealed to be the Chinese leader's son and ordered to be executed...
Though still called "Chop-Chop", Liu Huang was an equal member of the team, even flying his own aircraft (In the old days, he was stuck in the passenger seat of Blackhawk's plane.)
A couple of years later, with sales dropping, DC "updated" the series by making the middle-aged aviators into superhero/spies with outlandish  powers and code-names.
Liu, as the youngest of the group, became "Dr Hands", started speaking hipster jive, and was given a tuxedo...and titanium gloves...
There was never an explanation of how the gloves worked.
At least DC didn't put the team into spandex, considering their ages ranged from mid-30s to mid-50s...
To read the entire sordid story, click HERE and Follow the links at the end of each chapter!
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