Tuesday, August 4, 2020

CoronaVirus Comics ACTION COMICS "Superman's Funeral!" Conclusion

...infected by an incurable (and incredibly-contagious) disease engineered by Lex Luthor, the dying Kal-El hurtles in a pre-programmed spacecraft towards Flammbron, a sun hot enough to incinerate his normally-invulnerable body to prevent contaminating anybody else!
During the flight, his life flashes before his eyes...
Did you figure out the secret?
Or will you have to wait until
Next Monday?
(At least you won't have to wait a month, as readers of DC's Action Comics #365 [1968] did!)
We'll give you a clue...
Superman's not on the cover...except as a memorial!
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(including Superman #156 which was the full-length predecessor to this never-reprinted tale!)

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