Wednesday, February 7, 2018

DAREDEVIL "Night of the Panther" Part 1

There are stories involving The Black Panther from the '60s and '70s that have been "lost"...
...either reprinted in other characters' collections or have never been reprinted at all!
This one has been reprinted, but not in color, and not where you'd think!
Guess Daredevil's been found, eh, Saxon?
Want to see how this story turns out?
Written by Roy Thomas, penciled by Barry Windsor-Smith (during his Kirby/Steranko phase), and inked by longtime pro Johnny Craig, Marvel's Daredevil #52 (1969) is a dizzying smorgasbord of experiments in page design, perspectives, and color usage, some of which work, and some don't.
For example, here's pages 2-3 from the b/w French reprint...

Interesting to see what the primitive attempts at color enhancement both conceal and emphasize, eh?
Speaking of "conceal and emphasize"...did you note anything...unusual...about Starr Saxon?
We'll go into detail about what Roy, Barry, and Gene Colan who penciled the first chapter of this plotline intended!
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  1. Early Smith is brimming with energy and enthusiasm as his skills at storytelling caught up, but I do love his early work. It touches a very vibrant nostalgic nerve.

    Rip Off

  2. Lots of Romita face touch-ups.