Thursday, August 10, 2017

PLASTIC MAN "Three Faces of Plastic Man" Conclusion

...the evil Dr Dome has cloned his equally-evil daughter, Lynx, to question the three people who claim to have witnessed the origin of Plastic Man so that the villian can go back in time and prevent Plastic Man from gaining his powers!
Two Lynx have already heard wildly-different versions of the Ductile Detective's origin!
Now the last Lynx interviews Plas' best friend, Gordon Trueblood.
What a time in DC Comics history this was!
The same month in 1966 this tale ran in Plastic Man #2, the Silver Age Batgirl made her first appearance in Detective Comics #359!
In less-notable events, the premiere and origin of B'Wana Beast was published in Showcase #66 and the Blackhawks began their (thank God temporary) transition from aviator-adventurers to superhero-spies in Blackhawk #228!
You can read about the Blackhawks' ill-advised revamping HERE!
None of the tall tales in this issue was Plas' true origin, though the first one does have elements of the Golden Age hero's origin!
But this guy is not the Golden Age hero!
(Note Dr Dome's comment that Plas and he have been at odds for eight years!
The final issue of the Golden Age Plas' book had been published eight years earlier!)
Everything will become clear at the end of August as we present the never-reprinted Silver Age sequel tale that clears up the matter!

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