Sunday, November 27, 2016

Thanksgiving Turkey: BLACKHAWK "My Brother - My Enemy" Part 3: Return to Blackhawk Island!

...(yes, Blackhawk and crew pre-dated the 1960 movie) with G.E.O.R.G.E., the spy organization that supplied their new super-hero identities and equipment totally-annihilated, the Blackhawks dig out their mothballed WWII uniforms and weapons and seek out the group that wiped out their co-workers.
The only clue is a security camera's footage showing the killers' leader...Black Mask...whom Blackhawk recognizes as his long-believed dead brother, Jack!
An attempt to negotiate or capture Black Mask fails, and as he escapes, Jack tells Blackhawk where they can meet for a duel to the death...
Thus ends the first of two issues under editor Dick Giordano, who intended for Golden Age Blackhawk artist Reed Crandall to illustrate the pair of "return to basics" tales before the book's already-scheduled cancellation.
Unfortunately, personal problems prevented Crandall from doing so, and with two weeks until deadline, Giordano enlisted one of his Charlton art mainstays, Pat Boyette, to do the entire book (24 pages [plus cover] of pencils, inks, and lettering) in just under two weeks!
The finishes are a little rough, but, it's an amazing job!
We hope you've enjoyed our Thanksgiving Turkey (plus dessert) for 2016.
See you on the RetroBlogs next year at this time for more succulent stories!
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