Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Reading Room PLASTIC MAN "Dirty Devices of Dr Dome" Part 2

Professor X (not the bald, wheelchair-bound leader of the X-Men) is sent by Dr Dome to destroy Plas (and his best friend, the rather straight-laced Gordon [Gordy] Trueblood) before they can interfere with his newest plan to rule the world...
So, a super-hero sitcom!
Apparently inspired by the success of TV's Batman, writer Arnold Drake and artist Gil Kane went the "camp" route with a semi-serious/semi-humorous approach.
Looking back 50 years, I can see why they tried it, but I can also see why it failed as compared to Jack Cole's classic strip.
The big difference is that Cole's stories, though humorous, actually made sense!
This tale, though fun, doesn't hang together logically, ruining the counterpoint of the humor.
The story serves the jokes, not vice-versa!
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