Thursday, September 15, 2016

Reading Room THE GREEN HORNET "Threat of the Red Dragons" Conclusion

...discovering the headquarters of the Red Dragons,  the Green Hornet seeks to unmask their hidden leader, known only as "Chill" by setting up Kato to pay blackmail money to the tong, then capturing the entire group when they arrive to collect the payment!
Note the Hornet Scanner is finally shown accurately, but Mike Axford still doesn't look like actor Lloyd Gough!
Plus, Kato finally gets a girl (who, sadly, never showed up on TV)!
The issue brings up an interesting question: is Kato Chinese?
According to this tale, he has relatives in China!
He knows Gung Fu (aka Kung Fu), a Chinese martial art form!
In the TV episode "The Preying Mantis", he translates Chinese into English during the confrontation with the assembled Tong members.
But his name is, in fact, Japanese!
So, which nationality is TV's Kato?
We looked at the various incarnations of Kato in a special Sidekick Blogathon post at Secret Sanctum of Captain Video, as seen HERE.with a specific look at Bruce Lee's Kato HERE.
And, after being Japanese, Fillipino, and Korean, in earlier versions, we conclude TV's Kato is, in fact, Chinese!
Next Week
The final issue of the 1960s series!
Two stories, including one with an interesting tie-in to Britt Reid's great-granduncle!
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