Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Reading Room THE GREEN HORNET "Ring of Terror" Part 2

An anonymous phone tipster alerts newspaper publisher Britt Reid to an upcoming armored car robbery.
As The Green Hornet, Reid and his partner, Kato interrupt the crime and capture the gang, but the leader gets away with the prize...drugs.
Oddly, the armored car guards aided the thieves, but can't remember doing so!
The next day, Reid sees Ellen Neill, an old friend, and recognizes her voice as that of the tipster!
But, before he can ask her, she's hustled home by a surly man she seems terrified of.
1) the armored car robbery occured near Ellen's home.
2) the gang leader quickly that area.
3) Ellen's father is a noted chemist, who hasn't been seen in public for an extended period.
Reid decides further investigation is warranted...
What will happen when The Green Hornet and Kato break in and confront both the gang, and a friend "programmed" to kill Britt Reid...aka The Green Hornet?
Find out as we present the conclusion...
Same Hornet Time!
Same Hornet Channel!
(Oops, wrong show!)
Trivia Notes:
The Hornet Scanner shown doesn't match the one used in the series.
Perhaps artist Dan Spiegle didn't have photo reference for it?
On the series, it's only shown in close-up shots of the rear hood, so its' design might not have been finalized and filmed when the live-action footage was shot, and photos from it provided for licensees' reference!
Britt is shown to be the one who developed the knockout gas (and probably other devices and weapons)
In all the earlier versions (radio, movie serials, and comics) of the characters, Kato is clearly shown to be the scientific expert of the pair, while Britt is more the strategist and "front man" who faces down the criminals.
On the TV series itself, the matter is never addressed.
They simply have the car and weapons and use them.
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