Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Reading Room THE GREEN HORNET "Counterplot Affair" Conclusion

Attempting to protect the boy prince of the oil-rich Mid-Eastern country of Bahratta from foreign spies, The Green Hornet and Kato discover the lad's uncle is working with the spies to allow the kid to be kidnapped.
Kato shadows the young king-to-be, and during a kidnapping attempt loses the boy, who escapes from his would-be captors into the depths of the city's biggest park...
Just so you don't think writer Paul S Newman and artist Dan Speigel were pulling them out of nowhere, the Black Beauty was equipped with ice projectors, (along with brooms to sweep away tire tracks), but they were never used on the TV series.
The rear fog guns were used in a couple of TV eps, "Deadline for Death" and "Eat, Drink, and be Dead".
It's never shown or stated on TV that Britt is a skilled horseman, but with his family's proven expertise in such matters...
Considering Kato was rendered unconcious only twice in the entire twenty-six episode run of the TV show, getting KOed twice in three issues of the comic seems rather odd.
The other tale from the final issue of the Silver Age Green Hornet's Gold Key run will be presented tomorrow...
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