Monday, August 15, 2016

Reading Room: THE SHADOW "Game of Death" Part 1

In the 1960s, everybody donned a skin-tight costume...
..even characters who were never meant to do The Shadow!
Be Here Tomorrow!
Same Shadow-Time!
Same Shadow-Blog!
Written by Jerry (Superman) Siegel and illustrated by Paul Reinman, this never-reprinted tale from Radio Comics' The Shadow #8 (1965) was part of an attempt to revive the character in print after reruns of the radio show became a hit on local radio stations due to the early-60s pop-art and Marvel Comics crazes.
(The Batman TV series hadn't yet debuted)
Besides the short-lived superhero comic, there was a series of 10 new paperback novels that placed the legendary pulp/radio character in the spy-mad present day (1960s).
Walter Gibson wrote the first one under his own name, with the remainder penned by Denys Linds under the classic "Maxwell Grant" pseudonym.
Unlike the pulp series, these 1960s titles have never been reprinted and are quite hard to find!
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