Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Reading Room: WOLFF "Manuscript of Rep-Tah"

...rescued from wolves by a woman who calls herself Galadra, Wolff joins her on a quest...
From New England Library's Dracula #6 (1972), the Luis Gaska (aka Sadko) & Estaban Maroto series just gets weirder and even somewhat psychedelic!
It also looks like somebody lost track of who's who!
Galadra looks remarkably like Rulah, who enchanted Wolff, turning him into a werewolf!
Was it a translation error? 
(The original version of this story was in Spanish!)
Note: this tale concludes the six Wolff stories included in Warren's Dracula TPB.
The remainder of the tales were never published in America, but we'll be presenting them over the next few weeks.
BTW, here's the cover to the issue by Enrique Torres (aka Enrich) using horror icon Barbara Steele as Rulah/Galandra!

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