Thursday, October 15, 2015

Frankenstein the SuperHero "Trouble Comes in Threes"

Yesterday, I mentioned the '60s Frankenstein reminded me of the Silver Age Superman...
...and this story reinforces the belief that writer DJ Arneson either chose or was told to do stories in that exact style.
Anyone who's read a Silver Age comic could read this and place Clark Kent/Superman in Frank Stone/Frankenstein's place and transpose Lois Lane with Ann Thrope, with the story being virtually the same!To writer DJ Arneson's credit, he wrote three extremely-different stories that all linked together into one narrative despite the change in tone and scope.
Bill Fraccio and Tony Tallarico's art is servicable, but considering both were extremely-busy not only with all the Dell Monster SuperHero titles, but numerous other books, it's straightforward storytelling and quite readable!
Though I can't figure out why they had to jam a half-page ad into the final page, prompting a re-draw of the final page.
Next week: the final super-spy saga of WereWolf, and, in two weeks, the last Dracula stories as he gains a sidekick and a crime-fighting purpose.

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