Friday, July 17, 2015

Before the Ant-Man, there was...the Fly-Man! (Part 1)

With Ant-Man: the Movie opening today...
...we're presenting what could be considered his direct ancestor in comics.
Though he shares a number of attributes with the movie version of Ant-Man, including reduced height, retaining his full-sized strength while small, receiving his powers from a scientist, and criminal connections, Fly-Man couldn't control or communicate with insects.
Illustrated by Sam Glanzman, this never-reprinted tale from Harvey Comics' Spitfire Comics #1 (1941) was the first of two appearances by the Diminutive Daredevil.
In the next (and final) issue of the title, Fly-Man took both the cover and the lead section of the book from the comic's namesake character, Spitfire!
It didn't help since neither character ever reappeared...anywhere!
But, the "Fly-Man" name would reappear almost 20 years later...on a new character with interesting links to Ant-Man.
You'd learn about that on Monday!

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