Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thanksgiving Turkey BLACKHAWK "Junk-Heap Heroes: Book III" Part 2

...hmmm, who could "M'sieu Machine" be?
How many members with stereotypical French accents do the Blackhawks have?
Now we know who the golden armor-clad man on the previous issue's cover is...
What will happen when The Emperor / Centurion of Doom takes a personal hand in the matter?
Will he be the cause of the Blackhawks' demise?
Be here tomorrow for the fearsome finale!
Same Blackhawk Time!
Same Blackhawk Blog!
Notes: Gargantua, and his drug-enhanced abilities, seems to be a prototype for Bane.
And everybody who's ever commented on the "New Blackhawk Era" plotline has compared the Centurion to Iron Man. Makes you wonder why DC didn't make the Blackhawks into a team of Avengers clones...Olaf finds a waking stick that turns into a hammer, Chuck develops super-speed, etc...
This never-reprinted tale from DC's Blackhawk #230 (1967) was written by Bob Haney, penciled by Dick Dillin, and inked by Chuck Cuidera.

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