Monday, October 13, 2014

WereWolf the SuperHero "Trial by Nature"

After revamping Dracula and Frankenstein into superheroes...
...the team of writer DJ Arneson and artists Bill Fraccio & Tony Tallarico turned to the next monster in the classic Universal Studios line-up.
However, whether it was because Universal objected to the radical change in format or because the project was actually unauthorized by the studio, the next book couldn't use the trademarked name "The WolfMan".
Both Frankenstein and Dracula were based on public domain books, so they could be used without legal repercussions.
But The WolfMan movie series, though based on European legends, was conceived by Universal's in-house writers (though based on European legends), so Dell had to go back to the generic term for lycanthropic transformers..."Werewolf"!

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