Friday, November 1, 2013

SCORPION "Devil Doll Commission" Part 1

In the 1970s there were a number of pulp-style heroes in comics...
...and here's a never-reprinted story featuring one of the best of them against an occult menace!
...murdered via voodoo doll!
This spooky tale continues Monday...
The Scorpion was the creation of Howard Chaykin, a young writer-artist who was already a recognized talent in the comics industry.
Unfortunately, while he was (and is) good, he was also slow, and the deadline for this issue crept up on him.
To get the book out on time, a group of friends including Mike Kaluta, Walt Simonson, Ed Davis, and Berni Wrightson jumped in doing whatever needed to be done, so the issue is a fascinating amalgam of styles.

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