Friday, October 18, 2013

CAPTAIN TRIUMPH "Werewolf" Conclusion

Lost and stranded in a small town, Lance Gallant and his friends encounter superstitious townsfolk who claim a werewolf stalks the nighttime streets!
It turns out there is a lycanthrope, and only Lance's super-powered alter-ego, Captain Triumph, saves his friends from being shredded by the inhumanly-strong furry fiend, who escapes into the night!
They also meet Rafferty, an expert in lycanthropy, whose arrival in the town a year ago coincided with the werewolf's appearance.
After Lance is attacked a second time, he and his twin brother Michael's ghost (who merges with Lance to become Captain Triumph) confer...
Illustrated by Reed Crandall, this never-reprinted tale from Quality's Crack Comics #51 (1947) was apparently an attempt to boost sagging sales by introducing horror elements.
Curiously, though the Captain Triumph character himself is supernatural-based, the werewolf in the story is a creation of science run amok and belief in the unseen is mocked as mere superstition!
Go figure...
which features his first AND last cover appearances along with two other classic images!

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