Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Reading Room: ONE-SHOT HEROES Rainbow

Of all the comic characters inspired by other comic characters...
...this one has to be the silliest of all!
...the next issue of...???
As it turns out, this appearance in the back of Centaur's The Arrow #3 (1941) was the Colorful Crusader's one-and-only foray into superhero action.
Face it, it's not much of a gimmick, and the costume doesn't really show a "rainbow" effect, like Holo-Man, for example...
Art by Don Heck and Joe Giella
...but the concept of a character inspired to become a superhero (albeit one without weapons or powers) from reading a comic book is rather cool.
Written by "Ed Herron" (France Edward Herron aka France Herron), who was a writer/editor at several companies, co-created the Red Skull (with Jack Kirby) and Captain Marvel, Jr. (with Mac Raboy), and was a major contributor to various Superman and Batman series of the 1950s-early 1960s.
Illustrated by Alfredo "Al" Plastino, who went on to better things as one of the two primary artists (along with Wayne Boring) for Superman in the 1940s thru early 1960s (including working with Herron again)!

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