Friday, August 10, 2012

Reading Room: THE OWL "Attack of the Diabolical BirdMen" Conclusion

Before we begin tonight's episode of The Owl, a musical interlude...
Written by Jerry Siegel, illustrated by Tom Gill
If you haven't fled screaming in agony from your iPad, laptop or desktop, we'll continue...
The criminal gang calling itself the Birds of Prey is stopped during an attempt to hijack an armored car by The Owl and Owl-Girl.
The next day, The Owl, in his secret identity of Detective Nick Terry, saves the Chief of Police from a murder attempt by a trained blackbird with poison claws.
Meanwhile, enraged by an editorial mocking them by newspaperwoman Laura Holt, aka Owl-Girl, the evil avians lay a trap for the girl reporter...
Along with DC's simultaneous attempt to turn the military-themed Blackhawks into superheroes, this was probably the worst "updating" attempt of the Silver Age.
Scripted by Jerry Siegel, and illustrated by Tom Gill, this never-reprinted adventure from Gold Key's The Owl #1 (1967) was the first of only two issues of the Golden Age hero's short-lived revival.

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