Friday, August 17, 2012

Reading Room: HELL-RIDER "How...Why...Hell-Rider"

Australian edition cover
Now that you've read the first tale of the hard-ridin' biker known as Hell-Rider, here's a behind-the-scenes feature on who he is and how he came to be...
As mentioned in the editorial, the second issue featured all three strips in non-related tales.
Because this issue filled up the entire week, we'll be presenting the individual stories for Hell-Rider and the Wild Bunch over the next month.
(The ButterFly tale from #2 was already presented HERE and HERE.)
The never-published Hell-Rider #3 would've returned to the concept of a running plotline thru all the stories...
It's a pity we'll never see it.


  1. Can't really see that issue 3 cover very well but if you look closely, you do see the signature of artist Gray Morrow!

  2. I've never seen a color version of it and the illo I used is from an ad in the back of Psycho #5.
    (Gray had also illustrated the lead story in the first issue of Psycho. Those were the only two assignments he did at Skywald.)
    I wonder how much of #3 was prepared before it was cancelled... ;-(