Friday, July 20, 2012

Reading Room: THE OWL "Food Market Racketeers"

The Owl's second appearance, while keeping the story elements, completely reworked the strip's visuals, as seen in this never-reprinted tale from CrackaJack Funnies #26
The revamp included a new costume, which The Owl would keep for the rest of his days (with minor color variations), and primary characters who now look more like individuals, especially Nick Terry with his broken nose, a rare condition for a lead character who's supposed to be refined and educated!
(Usually supporting or comic-relief characters had a broken nose.)
Though the Owl's Golden Age adventures ended in 1943, he was the only Dell superhero to return during the great superhero revival of the Silver Age (but not in a Dell comic)!
You'll see that tale next week!

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