Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Reading Room: ONE-SHOT HEROES The Wrath of...The Researcher

Next to "The Listener" or "The Watcher", the least frightening name for a comic hero is...
...however, this guy could make the name synonymous with "action hero"!
Who is The Researcher?
We never learn his real name.
Everyone calls him "Researcher", even his girlfriend.
Where did he get the money for his kool weaponry and equipment?
Is he independently-wealthy or does he bill clients?
He hob-nobs with the upper crust, including diplomats, politicians and rich businessmen.
Many are the mysteries surrounding...The Researcher!
Unfortunately, this short strip from Green Giant Comics #1 (1940) was his only appearance anywhere!
Pity, since he has a lot of potential.
Frank Thomas, the writer/artist behind this strip created a number of detective-themed characters in the Golden Age including The Eye, The Owl, and Dr Hypno.

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