Friday, January 6, 2012

Reading Room: PHANTOM LADY "Case of the Criminal Chessman"

Some people compare the War on Crime to a chess game...
...but the pulchritudinous Phantom Lady is nobody's pawn!
Don runs into Sandra's bedroom, finds the Phantom Lady trussed up to a bedpost, and the only thing he notices on the unmasked woman's face is her lipstick?
Believe me, Sandra, you don't have to change lipstick!
Hell, you could wear a nametag saying "Sandra Knight" while in your Phantom Lady garb, and Don wouldn't put 1+1 together!

BTW, if the villain's name is familiar, that's because "Algernon Blackwood" was one of the premier ghost story writers of the late 19th/early 20th Centuries!
He was not short, so I presume Ruth Roche's use of his name here was just a "tip of the hat" to the spooky story author.

The art for this never-reprinted story from Phantom Lady #21 (1948) is unusual.
Pages 1 and 2 are totally Matt Baker.
The remainder of the story appears to be Jack Kamen, retouched by Baker.

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