Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Reading Room NOT WHO YOU THINK: FireBird and Valkyrie

Nope, he's not the female Mighty Avenger, (obviously)...
...and she's not another Mighty Avenger (and former Defender)...
...nor AirBoy's aviatrix nemesis from the 1940s...
...but they are a one-shot hero from the 1940s and his female nemesis in a tale from TailSpin #1 (and only), published in 1944.
I think you'll be able to tell who's who...
"In all his checkered career..."
What "checkered career"?
This was FireBird's only appearance!
The "aviator goggles-helmet and cape" ensemble was used by several heroes including Spy Smasher and the original Phantom Eagle, so it could be a reworked version of one of their tales.

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  1. Wonder if he was going to be a German fighting against the Nazi regime or an Allied mystery man like the Destroyer fighting behind the lines in Germany.

    We'll never know,

  2. Interesting speculation that this might have originally been a Phantom Eagle story! Jerry Bails' Who's Who lists the L. B. Cole Studio packaged both Ship Ahoy and Tailspin for Spotlight Comics. The Phantom Eagle fought a Nazi aviatrix (The Ace of Blades) in Fawcett's Wow Comics #18(Oct 1943), with art by Maurice Whitman (who had also worked at Cole's studio).

    1. Damn knowledgeable I've got to look up that Wow Comics tale...