Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Reading Room: PRIZE COMICS "New Adventures of Frankenstein" learn why they (and others) were in pursuit of the creature, and how he ended up in (then) present-day America!
Talk about motivation...
This story in Prize Comics #7 (1940) was the Monster's second comic book appearance ever.
(The first had been a comic adaptation of the movie Son of Frankenstein in Movie Comics #1 [1939].)
Dick Briefer both wrote and drew this tale under the name "Frank N. Stein", which was dropped several tales into the series.
With the concept firmly in place, the stories would follow the format of the Doctor trying to stop his progressively-deadlier creation, until a new hero would enter the battle...

Next week, 
The End of Dr Frankenstein!
The Origin of the Monster's NEW Nemesis...
"Bulldog" Denny!

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