Thursday, October 13, 2011

Reading Room: PRIZE COMICS "Frankenstein Meets Bulldog Denny"

And now, the Golden Age origin of "Bulldog" Denny... presented in Prize Comics #11 (1941).
Note that Dick Briefer is no longer using the "Frank N Stein" pseudonym.
...and thus does Bulldog Denny take over from his mentor in the task of capturing the Monster!
Oddly, the previous stories gave no indication that they took place a decade earlier (1931)!
But this tale clearly moves the action to the (then) present day of 1941 with Dr Frankenstein now no longer able to continue the battle against his creation!
Perhaps the first example of a retcon in an ongoing comic book series?
Denny continued to battle the Monster until Prize Comics #29.
The Monster continued in Prize Comics for several more years, reforming, then becoming involved in World War II when the Nazis captured and brainwashed him.
Eventually, he freed himself and returned to America.
After the end of the war, the series changed focus, becoming more humor-oriented and introducing a plethora of other friendly monsters.
It proved popular enough for the Monster to gain his own book for three years.
Both his strip in Prize and his own title were cancelled in 1949.
But that's not the end of the story...

We'll be presenting more Frankenstein fun throughout October, so bookmark this blog and watch for another tale of the Monster!

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