Thursday, July 28, 2011

Reading Room: PHANTOM LADY "Television Spies"

It may be 1948, but tv was already a national obsession...
 ...and Phantom Lady is about to go in front of the cameras!
Oddly enough, both Don and the criminals have color tvs, when they weren't available commercially until five years later!
And Ringo's cane-camera is a color transmitter, when even portable b/w tv cameras were the size of suitcases!
The superb art for this tale from All Top Comics #10 is, of course, by Matt Baker.
This plot, probably by Ruth Roche, was reused, but totally-redrawn for the Comics Code-approved Phantom Lady #3 in 1955!
We'll be re-presenting that when we get to it in the chronology.
Next week...
The issue Fredric Wertham singled-out in Seduction of the Innocent!
Phantom Lady #17!
Both Phantom Lady tales complete and uncut!

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