Friday, April 15, 2011

Video Fridays: THE GREEN HORNET STRIKES AGAIN "Flaming Havoc!"

Continuing our weekly feature "Video Fridays"...
After the events of the first serial, Britt Reid and Kato head to Hawaii for a well-deserved vacation.
Unfortunately, Crime never takes a holiday.
In Reid's absence, a racketeer has managed to place one of his men as Managing Editor, killing any attempt by The Daily Sentinel to publish racket-busting exposés!
Lenore Case sees what's going on, but is powerless to stop it, since she's "only a secretary".
She telegraphs Reid, but the gangsters discover the publisher's on the way back and intercept him...

The Green Hornet serial did so well that Universal rushed a sequel into production within six months.
(It usually took a little longer than that, even for popular chapterplays.
There were two-year gaps between each of the Flash Gordon serials.)
Warren Hull, who had recently played both Mandrake the Magician and The Spider in other serials replaced Gordon Jones as Britt Reid / The Green Hornet. In addition, the use of the voice of radio Green Hornet Al Hodge, when Reid was masked, was dropped.
Most of the first serial's cast returned, including Keye Luke as Kato, Anne Nagel as Lenore Case, and Wade Boteler as Mike Axford. However, Managing Editor Gunnigan is said to be incapacitated by a broken leg.
Following the same format as the first serial, The Hornet and Kato chip away at various rackets run by Crogan, played by Pierre Watkin (Perry White in the Superman serials), until the climactic confrontation in the final episode.

Want to see what happens next?
YouTube provider MedigoCobra has posted the entire serial HERE.
Or you can download it in a variety of formats HERE.

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