Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Reading Room Annex: DOC SAVAGE "Thousand-Headed Man" Part 2

An unmarked package thrown to Doc Savage at an airport contains only a plastic key.
When a trio of men seek the Man of Bronze to acquire the key, Monk drives them away with putrid-smelling gas.
Doc follows them to their leader, Sen Gat, and hypnotizes them all.
Sen Gat reveals he wants the key to use with one already in his possession to gain access to the mythical City of the Thousand-Headed Man in Cambodia. He also informs Savage that a third key, owned by the daughter of a famed husband-wife explorer team, is needed to complete the set and that he sent burglars to get it.
Savage races to the daughter's home, is almost skewered by a spear-wielding woman, and discovers Sen Gat's thieves, dead.
A newspaper photograph shows the girl who almost killed him, then escaped, is the explorers' daughter, Lucille.
Now, on to Part 2 of Doc Savage's only Silver Age adventure...
 How Will Doc and the Amazing Five Survive This Attack?

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