Sunday, February 27, 2011

Reading Room Annex: THE GREEN HORNET in "Crime at Floodtime"

Welcome to The Atomic Kommie Comics™ Reading Room Annex*!
We're starting off with a never-reprinted Golden Age story from All-New Comics #13 featuring The Green Hornet...on 1946!
Commercial TV broadcasting did begin in 1946, but coast-to-coast transmission wasn't a reality until 1951, and color broadcasting was over a decade away!
Yet Simon & Kirby's Boy Heroes not only have a device that receives "coast-to-coast" signals, but it's in color as well!
Enough about the technical side! Let's see what a Green Hornet TV show might've looked like in The Golden Age of Television...
Will The Green Hornet rescue Casey?
Can he foil the submarine bandits?
Is that TV set cable-ready or high-def-enabled?
The answers to some of these questions will be found right here...tomorrow!
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*Our "parent" blog, Atomic Kommie Comics™presents these tales in their Reading Room, but since many of you who link to us don't link there, we're re-presenting these tales several days after their initial appearance. (Of course, if you linked to ATC, you'd see these stories several days earlier...hint, hint!)

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