Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Butterfly...the FIRST Black SuperHeroine's Premiere! Part 2

Read the previous part of the story HERE!
Las Vegas cabaret singer Marian Michaels receives a note demanding she leave a pair of go-go boots she had received from a friend in her dressing room while she's on stage.
Instead, she wears them during her performance, which receives a rousing ovation.
Returning to her dressing room she's confronted by The Claw and his pack of Cats, who demand the boots.
Marian manages to duck into an adjoining room, change into The Butterfly, confront the criminals, and escape, deliberately leaving the boots behind.
Grabbing the footwear, the bad guys get in their car, unaware of the heroine following them overhead...
It may be the "end of The Butterfly chapter", but it's not the end of the story!
Who is The Claw?
Why does he have a footwear fetish?
Who is Brick Reese?
Who are The Wild Bunch?
And what ties all of them, and Marion Michaels, together?
For that, you'll have to come back tomorrow, when all will be made clear!

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